Mailing Service

Direct mail is an exceptionally effective means of reaching customers, prospects or members of any group. Direct mail delivers your message right to your addressee's home or business. 
It's easy to take advantage of the power of direct mail with these MAILING SERVICES from Knight Media:
• We'll print your mailing piece and mail it in one efficient, seamless operation.
• We'll use your mailing list, or obtain a commercial mailing list that targets the people you want to reach.
* We'll make sure you obtain the most economical postage rates available for your type of mailing.
• We'll ensure your mailing meets all U.S. Postal Service requirements and specifications.
• We'll take care of all the mailing operations for you: folding, inserting into envelopes, sealing envelopes, addressing, sorting, postal paperwork, delivery to the post office and more.
Considering direct mail? Talk to a representative from Knight Media for more information and direct-mail ideas.